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2012-06-17 04:14:58
I love Ksenia's body-shape (along the lines of Anetta, Selena, Agneta, and Greta),.. but I hate the ugly tattoo--all tattoos are ugly (imo), on her beautiful back (right shoulder-blade),.. too bad :(

2012-05-13 02:55:39
I want to see more galleries with kristina out in the snow

2012-04-03 05:42:39
With Marina's Photoshots, KARMAZINA made the best site in the web. See at the last Photosets : April 02,2012 + Nov 21,2011 + Oct 28,2011. Natalia, thank you again !!!

2012-02-14 02:01:15
taisi is the reason i finally subscribed!

2012-02-14 02:00:24
taisi is the best. when will there be more from her? anyvideos of her somewhere? i'd also like any additional information you might have of her like physical stats! thanks!

2011-11-24 18:55:47
Anya is the most beautiful creature in the world!

2011-09-04 22:34:57
outlet. Is your photographer so brain dead that he films her on a hard backed chair? And then, instead of hearing her breath, hearing her voice, we hear only some music played over and over. You are wasting a great model.

2011-09-04 22:32:03
Elena is your hottest model. The new video of her masturbating is absurd, even though it contains her. It's an insult to the model, and to the members of this site. Why would your photographer film her on a hard backed chair next to an electrical out

2011-08-14 00:02:47
I wanna see more of dasha with those big hooters!

2011-08-14 00:00:46
I love Dasha! The girl with the dark hair and big tits. Her breast are perfect. There's just not enough solo pics of her. I would love to see more of her. She's the only reason I subscribed to this site.

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